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lasik surgery

The first day after your Lasik surgery will find you sitting in the doctor’s chair getting an examination. The reason you need to see the Lasik surgeon 24 to 48 hours after your procedure is to ensure that the affected area is healing properly and that you understand all the instructions to take care of your eyes over the next few weeks.

What to avoid following Lasik eye surgery

Although you may return to driving and work after a day or so, you will want to avoid anything that can get into your eyes for the next week or more depending on the timeline agreed upon by your Lasik surgery specialist. You should refrain from using lotion, hair products, and makeup for the first week. Dusty or dirty jobs should wait too. It is important that no water gets into your eyes, so be careful when washing your hair or showering. No swimming pools or hot tubs until your Lasik specialist approves their use. Avoid direct contact with sunlight because your eyes might be sensitive. You can wear clear glasses at night to keep the wind from blowing something into your eye too.

What you can do one day after your Lasik surgery

So, what is approved one day after Lasik? Usually, you can return to driving after just 24-hours following Lasik eye surgery. The best thing is that you can watch television, use the computer, and read after the first day. The key is to take frequent breaks and use moisturizing eye drops approved by your Lasik surgeon to keep your eyes hydrated because you tend to blink less when using electronic devices.

You can return to many of your regular activities the day after your Lasik eye surgery. Some things, like strenuous exercise, will have to wait a week or so after your Lasik surgery, but you no doubt did your homework and already know what to expect. To learn more, call Manhattan Lasik Center at 212-759-9617.