Posted by: Manhattan LASIK Center

Brian D. Aitken wrote an article on Alister & Paine about his very recent experience with Dr. Kevin Niksarli and his personal story with Lasik eye surgery. Aitken searched all over New York and the surrounding communities to find someone that worked primarily in Lasik surgery and came highly regarded as an expert in the field. He found Dr. Niksarli and the team at Manhattan Lasik Center offer more than a simple procedure to get rid of glasses. Aitken found freedom he never knew he was missing.

Dr. Kevin Niksarli founded MLC in 1998 at the New York City office

With nearly two decades of experience, the only Lasik center in the northeast region with five of the top lasers in the industry, and a Cornell and Harvard-backed education, Dr. Niksarli has built the most revolutionary Lasik center in the tri-state area. Aitken interviewed several Lasik surgeons before talking to Dr. Niksarli only to find out that they did not get rid of the uneasiness he felt when talking to them. Only our MLC expert was able to put Brian’s uneasiness to rest so that he could undergo Lasik eye surgery.

Building a brand of trust, honesty, and help

Dr. Niksarli and his team have introduced New York and New Jersey residents to state-of-the-art operating rooms with temperature and humidity controls. Aitken said his procedure only took about ten minutes total with the laser portion lasting just seconds. After a few days of minimal discomfort, while seeing much clearer than ever before, Aitken found himself getting back to normal. He ended up riding a motorcycle across the country just a week after surgery.

Currently, MLC offers revolutionary procedures operating within extremely precise dimensions to Lasik patients all over the world. Aitken says his worst problem with Lasik is that he cannot stop talking about the procedure and how much it helped his life. To read more of Aitken’s interview with Dr. Kevin Niksarli, click here.