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Dry eye causes you may or may not know

Most people think of dry eyes as something they get when they are constantly wearing contacts or in a dry environment, but several other things can be attributed to the problem. Dry eyes may come about because of a medical condition, dehydration, or because of your gender. Women often have more There are many solutions available

Dry eyes causes can become aggravating, painful, and even debilitating in some cases. Some people may only need a prescription eye drop for a week or two where others may require more extensive treatments to solve their issues. The physician will do any necessary tests to find the cause of the problem so that they can prescribe the right solution. You can ask them any questions that you may have, and they can give you advice about what types of products, procedures, or therapies will be the most effective in your particular case. Anyone who thinks they may have a problem with dry eyes should contact a trusted eye specialist for an optical exam.

Choosing the right dry eyes treatment

There are several kinds of eye drops that an eye doctor can use for dry eyes treatment. People who do not produce enough tears may require something to help stimulate the tear ducts. If an infection is the cause of the problem, antibiotic eye drops will need to be used first. They may be combined with a moisturizing eye medication. Sometimes, a person can be dehydrated enough to feel the effects in their eyes. This just means that the person needs to drink more fluids, especially those containing electrolytes like a sports drink. People who wear contact lenses can get irritation in their eyes after years of use. These patients are often referred to a ZEISS SMILE procedure to treat near-sightedness and astigmatism. With SMILE LASIK the Manhattan LASIK Center doctors create a tiny incision on the cornea instead of a corneal flap, affecting fewer corneal nerves, which reduces the chance of post-surgery dry eye.

Other people will benefit from having a plug placed into the tear duct. These plugs stimulate the eye creating more tears. There are different kinds of plugs. Some of these are temporary and dissolve within a few months where others are made from silicone for long-term use. These plugs can be removed at any time by an eye expert. A specialist has many options to choose from when treating dry eyes. Each solution is tailored specifically to your situation to meet your needs.