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What it Feels Like to Undergo a Lasik Surgery?

If you are like most people considering Lasik eye surgery to get rid of your glasses or contact lenses, then you think about what the procedure is like and how it feels to have it performed. Many individuals are surprised to find out that Lasik surgery is not painful and is quick healing. The experts at Manhattan Lasik Center ® have spent decades perfecting the services they offer to make patients more comfortable than ever.

Before your Lasik surgery

When you get into the office, the staff will talk with you about your Lasik eye surgery and explain the things they will do to perform the treatment. They will put numbing drops in your eyes that spread across the eye as you blink numbing the entire surface. These drops ensure that you will not feel anything during your procedure. Any questions you have are answered at this point.

During Lasik eye surgery

The friendly employees will take you to the operating chair and lay you back so that you can relax. More drops are added, if necessary. The surgeon will put a speculum in the eye to hold it open; this feels much like inserting a contact lens. Depending on the laser used, you may or may not feel some pressure when the flap is created in the cornea. At MLC, bladeless Lasik surgery technologies let the surgeon make the incision with no discomfort at all. The work of the laser is not felt.

After your procedure

When finished, you can go home and rest as much as possible. Everyone at MLC will be sure to answer any other concerns at this point. During the first few hours, you may feel burning, stinging, or tearing up. This is normal and will subside after the first day.

At MLC, the professionals strive to make your experience as comfortable as they can. They can answer any question because of how long they have existed. Give the caring experts a call for a free consultation today at 212-759-9617.

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