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All You Should Know About Lasik Treatment which is a much easier process than most realize.

Many people believe that Lasik Treatment New Jersey is time-consuming, but this is simply not true. While every patient must undergo a consultation, surgery, and follow-up appointments, these visits range from 30-60 minutes. The actual operation only takes ten minutes to perform. The specialist must conduct a thorough eye exam to get the necessary measurements for the laser used in the treatment. The main thing to remember is to refrain from wearing contacts for up to three weeks before the surgery. Next, you must make sure to have transportation arranged for the day of surgery. Doctors may ask that patients take the first day off from work to nap.

Lasik Treatment NJ is not painful

Lasik treatment is not painful because the surgeon uses eye drops to numb the eyes for the procedure. They also prescribe antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops for a couple of weeks following surgery. Some people who undergo Lasik Treatment NJ find that they experience some discomfort after Lasik surgery, but nothing that cannot be helped with a dose of Motrin or Tylenol. It is common to feel like something is in the eye, some burning, or itchiness after surgery. The key is to keep from rubbing your eyes. This movement could cause a displacement of the flap of tissue that is created in the procedure.

Lasik Treatment New Jersey is affordable

Lasik Treatment New Jersey often includes options for monthly payments. Some centers offer inclusive pricing while others charge separately for each visit. Anyone considering Lasik Treatment NYC or New Jersey should ask what is included in the price per eye. Lasik treatment is often under or right at $2000.00 per eye for many offices with various payment options.

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