Posted by: Manhattan LASIK Center

You may not realize that those headaches you keep having are from your glasses or contact lenses. Your allergies are constantly bothering you, but did you know that Lasik can alleviate some of those symptoms? How well do your contacts fit? Your eyeglasses and contacts can cause more problems than you may think.

When you should choose Lasik over contacts

Are you in your late thirties or early forties? Do you have problems with your eyes after much computer use or spending a lot of time reading? As we age, our eyes change, and contact lens use can aggravate our eyes because of dryness, irregular fit, and shifting. People who have worn contacts for decades often experience irritation and even pain in the form of headaches with prolonged contact use into middle age. People who are not at this age may have problems with lenses that do not fit right or move.

When you want Lasik over glasses

If headaches are an everyday issue for you and you wear glasses, then it may be the spectacles causing the problem. Are you aggravated by the number of times you have to push your glasses up your nose and how sore it gets? Do you feel like the nose pads just make things worse? Do you have allergies that seem out of control? You may be ready to get rid of your glasses. Spectacles trap pollen and dirt, and every day that you wear them without washing them gives bacteria time to grow in the frames. Glasses fogging up can cause you to fall or run into someone. Lasik gives you the freedom you may not appreciate until you have the procedure.

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