Posted by: Manhattan LASIK Center

You may have heard about a new alternative to the Lasik procedure on the market called Relex SMILE. It is an FDA-approved option for patients with nearsightedness. People who once were turned away from Lasik because of eye irregularities or thin corneas can now get clearer vision with the ReLex SMILE treatment.

The differences in the Lasik procedure and Relex SMILE

  • Lasik affects more of the cornea
  • Lasik helps patients with astigmatism, hyperopia, and myopia
  • Relex is only approved for patients with nearsightedness in the U.S.
  • Patients heal faster from the ReLex SMILE procedure
  • Getting back to swimming, active sports, and intense professions is faster with Relex SMILE
  • Relex has fewer complications because there are no flaps that can get infected or dislodge
  • Relex can alleviate dry eye symptoms for people with autoimmune disorders and chronic dry eye

How the ReLex SMILE procedure works and heals faster than Lasik

As with any laser procedure, the patient is given numbing drops to make sure there is no pain. In the Relex SMILE procedure, the surgeon uses a laser similar to the ones used for Lasik to take out a lenticule, a small disc out of the side of the cornea to access the inner part of the tissue. He or she reshapes the cornea in just a few minutes per eye. You are free to ride home with your designated driver and rest for the next 24 hours where the fast healing comes into play. Compared to Lasik, in the Relex SMILE procedure, you can get back to swimming and hot tub use in just a few days instead of weeks. You can also return to rigorous exercise faster too.

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