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Is My Glasses Prescription Strong Enough to Have Lasik Surgery?

If you wear eyeglasses and have considered Lasik eye surgery, then you are bound to have a few questions. What makes a good Lasik surgery candidate? Listed below are three things that make a suitable patient for Lasik.

Lasik Eye Surgery and Prescription Strength

Cornea thickness and shape play a part in whether a person should have Lasik or any eye treatment. According to the Huffington Post, a person can have Lasik even when their prescription is a -9 or -10 diopter. People who have very thin corneas may not get the results with Lasik that they could with PRK or another laser vision correction procedure, making them a less suitable candidate Lasik.

Lasik Surgery and Overall Health

Lasik eye surgery is an excellent option for people who are in generally good health. Individuals with immune disorders, diabetes, or those who frequently take prescription medication may benefit from something other than Lasik. A qualified Lasik specialist can offer an opinion based on your particular health history.

Age and Lasik

A good Lasik candidate can be any age as long as you are an adult. A person can have Lasik surgery at the age of 70 after undergoing successful cataract surgery. This surgery is performed on a different part of the eye than Lasik. Presbyopia, diminished near vision occurring during middle age, happens to every patient including those who have undergone Lasik surgery.

If you wear glasses, then you could be a candidate for Lasik. The most qualified people are adults in good health who take little or no prescriptions. The specialists at Manhattan Lasik Center are more than happy to see if Lasik is an option for you.

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