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Is Lasik Eye Surgery Painful? Does it Hurt After Surgery?

Lasik surgery is considered painless because the surgeon always numbs the eye with eye drops before the operation. Any pain or discomfort afterward would be minimal. It is common for the eye to water after the surgery. Lasik eye surgery patients may also feel like something is floating around in their eyes. While this feeling is a little annoying, it is not painful. It is also common to feel a slight burning or itching while the cornea is healing, but this should not hurt. Even when the numbing drops wear off, pain or discomfort should be nearly nonexistent. Any physical pain or discomfort should be reported to the surgeon or office where the treatment was performed.

Lasik Eye Surgery Tips

Tip number one for Lasik surgery patients is to make sure to refrain from the use of soft contact lenses for at least 4-7 days before the procedure. For the more rigid contacts, it is important to stop using them for about two to three weeks before having Lasik eye surgery. This time allows the cornea to return to its regular shape. The reason this is so important is that Lasik reshapes the cornea based on the measurements taken by the surgeon. Most doctors take these measurements during the first visit. Tip number two is to plan for a driver for the day of surgery and the first follow-up appointment. Most people return to work and driving between 24 and 48-hours after surgery. Tip number three is to find an expert who has performed thousands of Lasik surgeries. Find out what previous patients have to say about their experience. Ask plenty of questions. Find out the complication rate for your chosen surgeon. Make sure that they are licensed and certified to perform Lasik surgery. Finally, relax because Lasik will make things so much easier than glasses or contact lens use.

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