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Why You Should Go for Modern Lasik Surgery?

Lasik Eye Surgery Is Not Painful

Lasik surgery is often thought to hurt because it deals with creating a flap on the side of the cornea and removing tissue to give patients clearer vision. The truth is that Lasik is not painful for a few key reasons. One is because the procedure is decades old and physicians have had years to refine the surgery. Another reason is that the surgeon numbs the eyes with anesthetic eye drops before Lasik eye surgery. Healing time is minimal with Lasik treatment meaning that any discomfort is quick to go away. It is common to feel like the eye is watering, itching, burning slightly, or as if something is in the eye after Lasik treatment. Your Lasik provider should be made aware of any pain after surgery.

Lasik Surgery Is One Of The Safest Procedures In The World

Lasik eye surgery has less than a five percent complication rate. In the case of most expert Lasik surgeons, the complication rate is as low as one percent. This makes Lasik very safe. Specialists use a key set of determiners to decide if a person is a candidate for Lasik. People who do not fit these requirements are offered other procedures that may help them gain better eyesight than Lasik. These alternative procedures include PRK and LASEK.

Lasik Can Help People Lose Their Glasses And Contact Lenses

Lasik surgery is one of the quickest ways to get rid of spectacles and contacts. The procedure often yields results before patients even leave the office, with most people seeing improvements in the first 24 to 48-hours after surgery. Imagine being able to jump into a swimming pool or go for a jog without worrying about glasses getting in the way. Forget about hunting on the floor for a tiny, clear lens when you cannot see without it. Lasik treatment can truly change a person’s lifestyle for the better!

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