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History Of Lasik Eye Surgery

Lasik eye surgery has been around for decades. According to the National Institute of Health, Lasik began in 1948 when Jose I. Barraquer Moner froze part of the cornea before shaping it with a lathe. This process was crude and had problems, but it also held promise. This treatment evolved from removing layers of tissue from the cornea without freezing called the Barraquer-Krumeich-Swinger method. Lasik surgery continued to evolve using various methods to reshape layers of the cornea. By 1989, Lasik eye surgery was a common practice across the globe including the United States. That was when the modern era of Lasik began to take place.

Lasik Surgery Now Involves Advanced Technologies

Lasik eye surgery is an extremely common operation with millions of people electing to have the treatment each year. Doctors have access to cutting-edge technologies like Custom Wavefront Lasers. The ORBSCAN 2 is a machine that provides a complete topographical map of the eye giving the surgeon exceptional control over the results of the surgery. The CustomVue LASIK method with Manhattan Lasik Center ® allows the surgeon to take a digital picture of the cornea to ensure customized results. Lasik surgery experts who have performed thousands of Lasik treatments can often tell patients what type of results they can expect from Custom Lasik surgery.

Lasik Eye Surgery In The Future

Many experts say that Lasik will soon be just as effective for patients with presbyopia as it is for nearsightedness and astigmatism. This is because scientists are making advances in repairing the eye to see better after the age of 40 when the eye becomes more rigid. This stiffness makes it harder to see things that are close to the eyes. Your trusted Manhattan Lasik Center surgeon can help you decide what Lasik surgery can do for you.

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