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How much is LASIK Surgery?

Have you ever dropped your contact lens and had to search forever to find it? Maybe you are tired of your glasses sliding down your nose all the time? These are only a couple of reasons why people ask themselves how much is LASIK surgery? According to Lasik surgeons, the average cost for LASIK eye surgery was $2,259 per eye in 2014, which was only a $53 increase over the 2013 LASIK eye surgery average cost. Experts say that the cost has increased some for 2015, but there have also been several technological advancements. The price of LASIK typically varies depending on the type of procedure and the equipment that the surgeon has.

LASIK procedure average prices

• Standard LASIK (lowest priced LASIK surgery)- under $1,200 per eye

• Custom Wavefront LASIK – approximately $2,000 per eye

• Intralase LASIK (often called all-laser or bladeless Lasik)- Most expensive and is often approximately $2,500 to $3,000 per eye.

PRK– can be less than LASIK, but price ranges differ significantly

Financing options

Many LASIK surgeons who have been in Practice for years have financing options for their patients. Some financing options can be less than $100 a month per eye. This price is often an affordable option for people who just want to get rid of their contact lenses and eyeglasses. Each provider is different, but any LASIK provider can discuss the options and payment arrangements with their patients during a consultation. Some practices even provide free exams for people who are seriously considering the surgery. Experts suggest that interested candidates should contact a reputable local LASIK surgeon who has experience with tens of thousands of LASIK surgeries like Manhattan LASIK Center ®. If you live in New York or New Jersey, Manhattan LASIK Center ® offers affordable pricing as low as $77per month while offering the latest technologies and most advanced LASIK procedure. You can reach them at 212-759-9617. They even offer free consultations for new patients interested in LASIK eye surgery. Related Terms: