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LASIK surgery, like any operation, requires healing and restrictions. Wondering how long until you can enjoy pool parties, or how soon you can put on eye shadow and liner are common concerns. At Manhattan LASIK Center, we want you to know what to expect.

Typical Times To Resume Routine Activities After LASIK


Avoiding water getting in the eyes for at least a week. LASIK patients can take a bath or shower the day after LASIK with care to keep their eyes dry.


  • A driver is necessary on the day of your procedure.
  • May resume driving within 24-48 hours with surgeon clearance

Using the computer and cell phone

We suggest limited computer and mobile use for at least 24 hours. Rest eyes often. Resume as tolerated.

Going to work

Most people return to work within a day or two.

Wearing makeup

We recommend a week’s break. We suggest buying new makeup for use after LASIK.

Sports activities

A few days is normal, but avoiding sweat getting into the eyes for at least a week. Extreme sports may take several weeks to resume.

Resuming regular medication use

Most patients resume medication on the day of the procedure.

Swimming pools and Jacuzzis

Two-week minimum avoidance.

MLC Will Provide Detailed Instruction About Returning To Daily Life Activities After LASIK

Taking part in normal activities after LASIK is fairly quick when you choose the region’s leader in LASIK surgery. 20 years of experience gives us the confidence to answer all of your questions about going back to work and getting to a more spontaneous lifestyle. Our surgical teams provide complete guidance with pre and post-surgery things to do and what to avoid at your consultation and following your procedure.

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