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Improve Your Night Vision with Custom Lasik

You read the recent articles about optical news and Lasik eye surgery. Maybe you have come across stories warning people about issues with night vision after Lasik. Perhaps you are worried that you will have problems seeing at night after your procedure. Here is some information that should ease your mind.

Night vision Lasik fixes with customized procedures

Custom wavefront Lasik with lasers like the CustomVue LASIK machine gives Lasik specialists a very detailed, digitized view of your eyes. Each eye is a bit different than the other, and the CustomVue laser can pick up these subtle differences. Because it reads such precise measurements, Lasik surgeons can offer you results that are unmatched in any other center in the Northeast. You can get night vision Lasik corrections at the foremost leader in Lasik eye surgery at Manhattan Lasik Center.

Better night vision after Lasik

Night vision after Lasik does not have to be a worry. In 2014, the Federal Drug Administration, or FDA, the Department of Defense or DOD, and the National Eye Institute or NEI, performed a study on 574 people who were scheduled to have Lasik surgery. They filled out a survey at three points of recovery: immediately after, one month, and three months following surgery to see how well they could see. 95 percent of the people achieved 20/20 vision with a decrease in the number of complaints of halos, glares, and starbursts at night.

The experts who conducted the survey felt that custom Lasik would have created an even steeper decline in night vision after Lasik because of the advancements in technologies and procedures that are on the current market. MLC wants to help you get rid of poor night vision with Lasik eye surgery because we only use the most technologically innovative lasers in the industry. We can provide you with customized results including getting rid of night vision issues. Call us today at 212-759-9617 to see how we can help.