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Latest Technological Advancement in Lasik

Lasik Technology Has Improved Over The Decades

Recent advancements in Lasik lasers and diagnostic devices have created what Fox News calls a “high-definition” trend in the refractive surgery field. The rate of success for Lasik surgery is now close to 98 percent. This is a huge difference from the 65 percent success rate of the 1990s.

Lasik Technology Has Developed From Using A Blade To The Use Of A Femtosecond Laser

The newest Lasik technology lets doctors create a much thinner flap in the side of the cornea. This reduction in flap thickness makes it faster and easier for patients to heal. It also makes it less likely that there will be complications during the procedure. The smaller flap is less liable to slide out of place when the surgery is complete. This means that there are even fewer flap issues. Fewer complications mean that you get back to your normal lifestyle faster.

New Advancements Make It Much Easier To Get Custom Results

Custom Wavefront Lasik is one of the most cutting-edge advances in Lasik surgeries. This type of surgery starts with a detailed measurement of the entire cornea. Physicians can determine a “fingerprint” of the cornea and can tell whether the procedure will benefit the patient as much as other traditional options. Once the choice is made to perform Custom Wavefront, the patient can expect a customized treatment based on that patient’s specific needs. These measurements allow the Lasik specialists to create a treatment that is only designed for you and not a generic treatment for people with the same prescription like eyeglasses and contacts.

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