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What’s the Minimum Age to be a Lasik Surgery Candidate?

Lasik surgery is not for everyone

Although in rare cases, a few children have had Lasik eye surgery, the FDA recommends that only adults have the procedure. Since Lasik is permanent, it is not advised for people who are under 19 years of age to have Lasik eye surgery. Most Lasik surgeons suggest that adults wait until they are in their middle twenties to have the procedure performed because the eyes continue to change for most people until they reach age 25. The best way to tell if you are ready for Lasik surgery is to visit a Lasik specialist to let them examine your eyes and see if they are ready for Lasik. Typically, people get Lasik surgery between the ages of 20 and 50 years old.

Age Is Not The Only Thing That Can Affect Who Gets Lasik Surgery

You must also consider health problems that can affect Lasik procedures. People with auto-immune disorders and problems like diabetes are not always a good candidate for Lasik. If you have severely dry eyes, then you may be advised against Lasik since it can cause problems with tear production. Women who are pregnant or who have been breastfeeding their child should wait to have Lasik surgery. Only an expert can help you decide if you are at the right age to have Lasik surgery, or if you should wait. They can also help you find other laser vision correction procedures if you have thin corneas.

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