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Do you wish there was a better way to live than fumbling for your eyeglasses in the morning and stabbing yourself in the eye to put in contacts? Do you have problems with eye infections? Manhattan LASIK Center offers a variety of vision correction treatments for patients in the New Jersey and New York areas.

Vision treatments


These operations include removing a minute layer of tissue from the top of the cornea. Because of the method, patients tend to heal from these procedures slower than with LASIK or SMILE, but the results are comparable. These surgeries are excellent options for people who do not qualify for other corrective measures.

Visumax or bladeless LASIK

  • Only uses lasers
  • Minimally invasive
  • No mechanical equipment


LASIK procedure starts with numbing drops and inserting a speculum to hold the eyelids open. The excimer laser uses cool bursts to create a small incision in the side of the cornea. Most patients can return to normal activities about 24 hours after LASIK

Custom LASIK

  • VISX Wavescan technology takes a fingerprint-like image of the eye for specialized corrections
  • Creates individual treatments for each eye
  • Predictable results


This is our most revolutionary treatment. It has fast healing times. There is no flap, so complication rates are extremely low. It only takes a few minutes and one laser to perform the treatment.

How to choose the right vision correction procedure

Selecting the best option for you is a complex mix of measurements, health history, lifestyle, and safety. Cornea thickness, pupil similarity, medications, and health conditions can eliminate one treatment or another. Finding the best treatment requires the advice of an expert that understands the technologies and options.

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