Posted by: Manhattan LASIK Center

Did you know that you can easily find affordable LASIK New Jersey residents and workers? You may not know it, but Manhattan LASIK Center works with employers and insurance companies to provide deep discounts to our LASIK clients.

Benefits of affordable LASIK New Jersey

Our clients often tell us it surprises them to find out the insurance they carry can help them save money on LASIK. Most insurances do not cover LASIK, but we work with over 30 providers to lower the cost and making it more affordable for our neighbors. We will even talk to your insurance if you are not on our list of discount partners.

How you can afford LASIK on a budget 

Besides getting discounts, you can take advantage of regular specials. Our inclusive pricing programs can be financed by CareCredit. This program often gives our patients two years free interest on monthly payment plans. Some clients use income tax returns or flexible spending programs to afford LASIK. Our finance department is adept at finding solutions for any budget.

Vision insurance partners

  • Metlife
  • Humana
  • VSP
  • Vision Perfect
  • Ameritas
  • Davis
  • General Vision
  • EyeMed
  • Over 20 health insurance plans including Medicaid, AFLAC, and Aetna

Do you live or work in New Jersey? Do you want to get a clearer vision, a better quality of life, more freedom, the chance to be spontaneous, or the ability to perform a high-risk job or sport? Affordable LASIK New Jersey can be an affordable answer that brings you a better lifestyle. Manhattan LASIK Center is proud to be a 20-year leader in the northeast region for LASIK eye surgery. We want everyone to enjoy a clearer vision. Morristown, Hackensack, and Paramus residents will find helpful, friendly staff members available to answer any questions at 212-759-9617. Remember, our consultations are always free.