Posted by: Manhattan LASIK Center

Perfect vision is achievable without contacts lenses and eyeglasses. Not every person is a candidate for LASIK, but he or she may qualify for other laser vision correction procedures. With the right education and equipment, the same results may be possible. The more advanced the technology, the more likely patients get clearer vision.

LASIK​ surgery benefits that will surprise you

Enjoying outdoor activities more freely

Can you imagine going camping without worrying about your glasses flying off from your face because of dense brush? What about jumping in the lake without stopping to take out your contacts? LASIK benefits you with no more foggy glasses in changing temperatures.

Increased self-confidence

Everyone wants to look and feel as if they are at his or her best. You do not have stock in designer glasses, so you can probably find a few things wrong with your pair of spectacles. With LASIK, you can go out with your best face.

More freedom to play sports

  • Enjoy contact sports
  • Additional lines of sight
  • More spontaneous lifestyle

Other LASIK benefits

Saving money in the long run

Generally speaking, LASIK is permanent. You can save hundreds or thousands of dollars when opting for this procedure. Fewer eye infections, doctor’s visits, and replacement costs mean more money in your pocket.

No more poking your eyes out with contacts

It hurts when you slip while inserting your contact lenses. Glasses make your nose sore. Forget the pain when you give up optical aids for LASIK.

No photo glare from your spectacles

Glasses make your eyes look funny in pictures. You look different taking them off. With LASIK, you can take better selfies.

Taking part in occupations requiring excellent vision is another LASIK surgery benefit. 20/20 clarity might help you save a life. Are you still undecided about LASIK?