Posted by: Manhattan LASIK Center

You are ready to get rid of the glasses and contact lenses because they always get in the way or you lose them. You have decided to go with laser eye surgery, but you are not sure what the differences are between the two most popular procedures. This post helps you understand the benefits, but more importantly, why the two methods are different. Lasik and PRK eye surgery are the same procedure, the biggest difference between them is that PRK surgery is performed by removing the top layer of the cornea and Lasik requires creating a flap at the side of the cornea. The surgeon uses an excimer laser to complete the same adjustments on the cornea with both procedures.

How do you know which surgery is right for you?

Both surgeries treat astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness and reduce the need for corrective lenses. Lasik surgery is slightly easier to heal from compared to PRK surgery. Due to some people having subtle variations in their cornea compared to other people, Lasik can be potentially risky for people who have thinner corneas or varying thickness in their corneal tissue. These people do much better with PRK because there are fewer chances of complications from the procedure. Sometimes irregular astigmatism can create the need for PRK instead of Lasik. Talking with a trusted Manhattan Lasik Center surgeon is the best way to find out which procedure is best for your body.

Quick healing time

Candidates for Lasik surgery will enjoy the faster healing time as most patients can see improvement within the first 24-hours compared to wearing a bandage contact lens for the first four days after PRK eye surgery. Lasik procedures are slightly more comfortable than PRK because a small incision is made instead of removing the outermost layer of corneal tissue. If you think you are ready to get rid of your eyeglasses, then talking to an expert Manhattan Lasik surgeon may be just the thing to ease your mind.
You can be lens-free in a short period.