ReLEx Smile Laser Vision Correction Procedure NJ

The Next Generation of Laser Vision Correction


ReLEx SMILE in Paramus NJ

Many of us rely on either glasses or contact lenses to see clearly. Unfortunately, both options mean compromises need to be made. We may not like the way we look in glasses or find that we must avoid certain activities because wearing glasses makes them impossible. We might not enjoy putting contacts in or taking them out, or find they aren’t suitable due to allergies that affect our eyes. Laser vision correction offers patients a viable alternative, but even this treatment has evolved considerably in order to ensure that patients can benefit from the most advanced techniques and superior safety, meaning that their vision is in the safest of hands. The latest innovation in laser vision correction is known as ReLEx SMILE.

If you are looking to take advantage of the most advanced laser vision correction treatment in the world, you’ll be delighted to discover that ReLEx SMILE is now in Paramus, NJ.

What sets ReLEx SMILE apart from conventional laser vision correction procedures?

The primary difference between ReLEx SMILE and other laser vision correction procedures lies in the technique. In ReLEx SMILE, the technique involves the creation of something called a lenticule. This is a very small, lens-shaped area of tissue within the cornea. Removal of the lenticule enables the shape of the cornea to be changed in such a way that the patient’s refractive error is corrected, and they are able to see without prescription lenses.

The surgery itself is very straightforward. Once the incision has been made, a lenticule is created. The incision is just large enough for the lenticule to be removed. In fact, the incision made by the laser is around a quarter of the size of that made to create the flap used in LASIK laser eye surgery. Your ReLEx SMILE incision will be approximately 4mm as opposed to around 20mm.

Advantages of choosing ReLEx SMILE

There are several distinct benefits that patients who choose this procedure can expect.

Faster healing. The first benefit of ReLEx SMILE is an expedited healing process. This is possible since the tiny size of the incision means that it takes far less time for the epithelium to heal.

Corneal stability. When you choose ReLEx SMILE, the cornea retains greater stability and strength – features that are normally compromised when a patient undergoes LASIK. This is because the process requires a much smaller incision, reducing the trauma to the eye.

Fewer complications. When patients undergo LASIK, there can often be complications resulting from the technique used. This is because dirt and debris can become trapped under the epithelial layer of the eye, causing irritation and even infection. Another key benefit of the ReLEx SMILE procedure is much less post-operative dry eye syndrome. Patients rarely complain of dry eyes after the ReLEx SMILE procedure.

Greater comfort. ReLEx SMILE is known for causing less discomfort than any other type of laser vision correction treatment. This is partly due to the extremely short treatment time, with the process estimated to take just 20 seconds per eye, and the remainder of the appointment (around 10 minutes per eye) being used in preparation in post-procedure care.

Accurate, predictable results. The technology that we use to perform ReLEx SMILE at our Paramus, NJ office gives us and you a very clear idea of what results we can realistically hope to achieve. This puts you in complete control at every stage of your treatment with us, from the initial consultation to your aftercare, and everything in between.

If you would like to take advantage of the newest and highly recommended form of laser vision correction surgery, look no further than ReLEx SMILE at our Paramus, NJ offices. To find out more, please contact our offices today and let our friendly and experienced team help you to see more clearly again.