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Uh, huh. You let out an exasperated sigh and said, “YES,” as soon as you read the title, right? We know what you’re going through right now. Every month you have to order a new box of contacts. Your sister threw her shoes on the bed right on top of your glasses, and forget about the irritated eyes, not seeing the time until you put your contacts in, and sitting back until you have a safe place for your glasses to join in the fun. We TOTALLY get it!

Improve your self-confidence with Lasik eye surgery

Somerset and Society Hill residents know that to land your dream job, you need to have confidence in yourself and a lot of it. Manhattan Lasik Center can help you achieve a higher level of self-confidence by using Lasik surgery to get rid of your glasses and contact lenses. Go back to school in the fall and show off your new look. Everyone knows you are more productive when you feel good about yourself, so let MLC help you get there.

Save yourself tons of money by opting for Lasik surgery now

Did you know that Lasik surgery can save you between $20,000 and $50,000 over a lifetime when you have the procedure in your twenties? Sure Lasik surgery has an initial upfront cost, but you can offset that by using your income tax returns, FSA, or insurance to pay for the procedure. MLC offers CareCredit with monthly payment plans on our inclusive fees too.

Why keep throwing money away? Get Lasik eye surgery and enjoy more spontaneity, better allergies, fewer headaches, improved night vision, and more confidence. Call MLC at 212-759-9617 to tour one of our revolutionary centers or to schedule a free consultation.