Posted by: Manhattan LASIK Center

Did you know that there is a new eye procedure that is made for people with nearsightedness? You may be surprised to find out that this surgery is easier and faster to heal from than Lasik eye surgery. That tidbit got your attention.

Introducing ReLex SMILE offered exclusively in the Northeast at Manhattan Lasik Center

ReLex Smile eliminates the need to create a flap on the side of the cornea where problems can result from dislocation after Lasik surgery. The ReLex procedure involves creating an incision smaller than four millimeters in the cornea to remove a round disc of tissue that lets the cornea flatten down a bit when removed. The flatter cornea allows light into the eye at a better angle improving vision for people with nearsightedness. ReLex SMILE is helpful for people in New York without astigmatism.

Revolutionary procedures with cutting-edge technology and highly skilled surgeons

At MLC, we are dedicated to giving our patients access to the best laser and mapping equipment in the industry. We constantly upgrade and change our humidity and temperature-controlled surgery area to remain number one. We bring in science-driven advancements proven to provide excellent results with minimal setbacks. ReLex SMILE gets people back to normal faster.

It has much fewer restrictions than traditional Lasik eye surgery. Our goal is to give New York residents leading laser vision correction.

Call us today for a free consultation or to take a tour of one of our revolutionary facilities at 212-759-9617. Once you see our leading lasers, caring staff members, and meticulous surgery wings, you are sure to consider signing up for ReLex Smile, Lasik surgery, or another laser vision correction if you have deemed a candidate that will improve from vision surgery.