Posted by: Manhattan LASIK Center

Are you investigating the differences between Relex SMILE and glasses? Do you want to know what the average is in fees over your lifetime? We cover things to consider before you wave off laser vision treatment.

Lifetime costs of glasses

Most eye exams run around $100, but they can reach as high as $200 per trip. Regular frames and lenses will cost around $250. With designer additions, you can expect to pay as much as $1,000 per pair. Double that for the emergency set you keep around. When you think about the times you have eye infections or have to go back to the eye doctor; then these figures continue to mount. Add in cleaning supplies, cases, and accessories, and you are reaching thousands of dollars each year.

Top benefits of Relex SMILE versus glasses

  • Fewer eye infections
  • No annual frame costs
  • Replacement fees are history
  • One time correction lasts a lifetime
  • As safe and effective as Lasik
  • Provides better dry eye relief
  • No worry about loss or damages
  • No more foggy glasses
  • Immediate visual clarity when waking
  • Clearer vision

Relex SMILE or glasses?

Relex SMILE is only available in select Lasik offices across the country. Manhattan Lasik Center is proud to house the advanced equipment to perform these corrections. Our experts have two decades of experience helping patients with cutting-edge laser procedures.

MLC is proud to be the Number One vision center in the tri-state region. The testimonials from our patients can help you decide between Relex SMILE and glasses. Our goal is to help our clients gain perfect vision when possible. We offer several financing options. Do you want to find out if you can toss the glasses? Are you ready for a better life with Relex SMILE? Call MLC at 212-759-9617.