Posted by: Manhattan LASIK Center

Are you tired of relying on contact lenses and eyeglasses to help you see every day? Do you hate switching out lenses for one to drop on the floor? Is a sore nose something you deal with daily? The Relex SMILE procedure is the newest laser correction on the market offering the same results as Lasik.

Do you wish you could have 20/20 vision?

Relex SMILE may help you achieve this goal. With the procedure, our surgeons examine the eye with extremely accurate diagnostic equipment. This advanced equipment ensures that we can provide you with the best outcome from your treatment. With a much less invasive operation, like the Relex SMILE procedure, our experts find that patients heal much faster. Most report less itching and irritation following the surgery. More than 90 percent of patients achieve perfect vision. 96 percent are happy with the results and have 20/40 vision or better after the Relex SMILE procedure.

Why booking an appointment with Manhattan Lasik Center is a good idea for tri-state residents and workers

The ReLex SMILE technique is only available in select centers across the United States. Manhattan Lasik Center is proud to be the top Lasik center in the northeast region. We only offer surgical procedures using the most revolutionary technologies. Our office provides financing options like CareCredit with monthly payment plans. We also run specials during the holidays.

Come and see why MLC is the best vision center in the tri-state area. We want to help you choose which laser correction is right for your lifestyle.  Please, check out our informational guide to ReLex SMILE, and then give one of our courteous schedulers a call at 212-759-9617 to book your free Relex SMILE consultation. We have openings six days a week.