What is ReLEx Smile?

The Next Generation of Laser Vision Correction


MLC is the only laser center in the NY Tri-state area to offer the ReLEx SMILE procedure and the 1st to have performed the procedure in the North-East region.

What is ReLEx SMILE?

Laser vision correction has quite literally changed the way in which we see the world around us. However, since its inception, the techniques and technology used have continued to evolve so that today, the process is much safer, less invasive and more successful than ever before. One of the ways in which this has been achieved is through the creation of a laser vision correction procedure known as ReLEx SMILE.

ReLEx SMILE is the latest and arguably the most advanced form of laser vision currently available anywhere in the world. As it stands today, it is only offered at select, premier laser eye surgery clinics across the United States, including our own offices here at Manhattan Lasik Center, Northern Boulevard, NY.

What makes ReLEx SMILE different to other laser vision correction procedures?

Patient safety and comfort are two of the most important priorities of any laser center. When the idea ReLEx SMILE was conceived, it was with the purpose of creating a form of laser vision correction that:

  • is safer than any other form of laser vision correction

  • is easier to recover from than other types of laser eye surgery

  • has the most minimal risk of complications when compared to other forms of laser vision correction

  • offers patients superior comfort when compared to any other type of laser eye surgery

  • delivers exceptionally accurate, predictable results every single time

Today, ReLEx SMILE offers patients all of these benefits, setting the technique apart from conventional forms of laser eye surgery such as PRK and LASIK.


How does ReLEx SMILE work?

Firstly, the ReLEx laser is used to create a lenticule. This is a small, lens-shaped area of tissue that is located within the cornea. This is what is removed to alter the shape of the cornea and correct your refractive eye error. Next, an incision is made into the outer layer of the cornea, called the epithelium, to remove the lenticule.

The incision that is made into the cornea to enable access to the underlying tissue for reshaping is 80% smaller than that made during a conventional LASIK procedure. LASIK usually requires an incision that is approx. 20mm around which is used to create a flap whereas ReLEx can be performed through an opening that is just 4mm with no need for a flap to be created. This means that the cornea is much stronger, the risk of flap-related complications, which are fairly common with LASIK, is eliminated and patients are less likely to suffer from dry eye syndrome, a fairly regular side effect of laser vision correction.

The process takes around 20 seconds per eye to create the lenticules, and in total the entire procedure should last less than 10 minutes per eye. Patients should experience no sound, smell or even pressure during this entirely painless process. The small size of the incision made means that it can be left to heal itself without the need for sutures or dressings.

We are thrilled to be able to offer our patients the opportunity to experience the world’s best laser vision correction technique and technology at our New York laser center. Contact us today at 1044 Northern Boulevard, Suite 303-A Roslyn, NY 11576 today to schedule your no-obligation consultation.