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Do you worry that you will need glasses or contact lenses one day? Are you having trouble with your eyes but not sure if it means anything or not? We give you four common vision symptom problems to monitor between your annual NJ eye exams.

Blurry vision problems

When you have trouble seeing things up close all the time, or things far away seem fuzzy, then you might want to chart the problem. Waking up with fuzziness is normal, but having trouble reading the projector screen at conference meetings every week is not. Astigmatism causes people to have issues with items close up and far away.

Seeing two of everything

Double vision is not normal. If you have this symptom, you should reach out to your health care provider right away. This symptom might mean you have nothing more than a virus, or it could be a sign of something dangerous. A skilled New Jersey doctor or eye specialist can properly diagnose vision problem symptoms when living in the area.

Chronic headaches

Hundreds of things can cause a headache. Do you notice more headaches after spending time doing a lot of research or reading a book? Are you having trouble with pain at the same time every day? Keeping a journal of these symptoms, dates, and times can help your eye doctor determine if your pain is eye-related.

Eye pain or strain

If you experience any of the following, then you should call your eye doctor to see if you need to schedule a visit. Drastic changes need immediate attention.

  • Chronic
  • Sudden
  • Very painful

If you find yourself with any of these vision problem symptoms, then we suggest calling your eye doctor to schedule a checkup. If you live in Paramus or Hackensack NJ, Manhattan LASIK Center can help.


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