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Do you have to wear glasses or contact lenses to see clearly? Do you wonder if LASIK can help you get rid of monthly lens fees and chronic eye infections? If you want to have fewer symptoms of eyestrain, allergies, and headaches, then LASIK surgery or another laser treatment could help you see better and live life the way you want.


  • Trouble seeing far away
  • Nearsighted vision


  • Problems seeing up close
  • Farsightedness


  • Issues with far and near vision

LASIK surgery benefits

When you can jump straight out of bed and into the smiling arms of your spouse every morning, life is good. With LASIK treatment, you will not have to fumble for your glasses before saying good morning. Imagine a party without dry contacts irritating you and ruining your good time. LASIK not only helps you see better, but it also gives you more opportunities to live a better life.

LASIK treatment you can trust

For two decades, Manhattan LASIK Center has been the Number One LASIK provider in New Jersey and New York. Over 100,000 successful treatments give us the experience and skill to provide exceptional support. Our streamlined process includes only using highly advanced procedures and equipment for all patients. Our ultramodern offices and technically advanced surgical suites give people across the globe the opportunity to be free of blurry vision. From first responders to teachers and other surgeons, our team at MLC is dedicated to giving all our clients exceptional results.

If you live or work in Manhattan, New York City, or Long Island NY, then we have offices nearby. We also have centers in Paramus and Edison NJ. To book your free consultation, please call us at 212-759-9617.


Common Conditions Lasik Surgery Can Treat + Correct

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