Posted by: Manhattan LASIK Center

If you have refractive eye errors where you ordinarily need to wear glasses or contacts in order to see clearly, you may be frustrated with the limitation of these solutions, but fortunately, there are alternative options. Laser vision correction in Edison, NJ has transformed the lives of countless patients around the world, enabling them to see clearly with little to no reliance on prescription glasses or contact lenses. The procedures work by reshaping the cornea so that light is refracted correctly onto the retina, ensuring that the image that passes from the eye to our brain is clear and defined. However, what many people aren’t aware of is that there are several different types of laser vision correction techniques. Two very popular choices are ZEISS SMILE and PRK. Here is what you need to know about each of these techniques to help you decide which is the right option for you. 


PRK is often thought of as the first generation of laser vision correction since the technique used was the first ever form of laser eye surgery. It is so effective that it is still used today, albeit alongside other more evolved techniques. 

In PRK, the outer layer of the cornea, called the epithelium, is removed so that the laser vision correction treatment can be performed. The epithelium is the invisible barrier that protects your eyes from things like bacteria and debris. By removing the epithelium, it eliminates the risk of flap-related complications which are one of the greatest risks following LASIK. Once the epithelium has been removed, your surgeon will be able to reshape the underlying cornea using the laser. At the end of your treatment, your eyes will be covered, and you will be able to go home (with support). 

PRK is particularly good for patients with thin corneal tissue as the risk of flap complications has been eliminated. However, the major downside to PRK is the recovery time since PRK takes longer to recover from than any other type of laser eye surgery. During this time, you may experience dry, scratchy eyes and blurred vision. If you elect to have PRK performed in both eyes at the same time, you will likely need to take at least a few days off of work while your eyes heal. 

SMILE Laser Vision Correction

Also known as ZEISS SMILE in Edison, NJ, this laser eye surgery is less invasive than PRK laser vision correction. Rather than creating a flap in the epithelium or removing it entirely, SMILE sees the creation of a small incision that runs from the surface of the eye, through the epithelium, and into the cornea. Once access has been achieved, the lenticule is removed. This changes the shape of the cornea so that light can be refracted correctly, and the patient is able to enjoy clear vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses. 

SMILE in NJ has evolved from PRK specifically with superior patient comfort and safety in mind. The procedure, which takes around just 10 minutes per eye, is completely bladeless, eliminating some of the risks associated with other types of laser vision correction. 

Some of the key benefits associated with SMILE in NJ include:

  • Enhanced safety when compared to other laser vision techniques
  • It is a less invasive technique 
  • Studies have shown that patients who choose SMILE experience greater comfort than those who opt for other laser vision correction techniques
  • Fewer risks of complications 
  • Predictable results 
  • Faster recovery time when compared to other laser vision correction procedures 
  • Less risk of dry eye and other side effects

If you would like more information about either of these techniques, including the benefits that newly evolved ZEISS SMILE has over other conventional laser eye treatments, please contact our office in Edison, NJ today.