Posted by: Manhattan LASIK Center

A few months ago, Manhattan LASIK Center welcomed its second ZEISS VisuMax FS 500 laser, making MLC the only center in the US with two revolutionary ZEISS VisuMax lasers! ZEISS VisuMax laser allows surgeons to perform ultra-thin flap bladeless LASIK, as well as the third generation flapless ZEISS SMILE procedure.

Manhattan LASIK Center has been performing SMILE since 2017 upon FDA’s approval of the technology, and has performed over 2,500 SMILE surgeries, making MLC the most SMILE performing clinic in the nation. SMILE patients tend to have absolutely no discomfort at any point of the procedure, minimal risk of complications with no flap creation, smoother and quicker recovery, less dryness, and retain a stronger cornea with predictable results.

Medical Director Dr. Niksarli gave a speech before cutting the red ribbon that announced the arrival of the second ZEISS VisuMax. Wayne Caulder, Chief US Sales was present at the opening of Manhattan LASIK Center’s second ZEISS VisuMax laser technology.

The following is an excerpt from Dr. Niksarli’s speech.

“Germany doesn’t only make great beer and cars, they also make great ZEISS lasers! Thank you all for your hard work over the years. We’ve come a long way. We got our first ZEISS VisuMax laser in 2016 and started performing LASIK with ZEISS technology. Over time this wasn’t enough for us, and we started performing SMILE with the VisuMax laser. It was difficult at first to both get accustomed to the technology ourselves as the doctors and the staff, and to get the patients comfortable with it. But gradually we overcame that, and now our patients are benefitting from this bladeless ZEISS technology that enables us to perform both ultra-thin flap LASIK and SMILE. We are going to keep moving forward, and give our community great technology along with great eyesight.”

We are very proud to carry two ZEISS VisuMax lasers at our center and hope to increase our SMILE volumes in the upcoming years.

Manhattan LASIK Center has been performing LASIK for over 20 years in four convenient locations in Manhattan, Edison, NJ, Paramus, NJ, and Roslyn, NY. Over the years MLC has performed over 100,000 vision correction procedures, making it the most experienced SMILE and LASIK center in the US.