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ZEISS SMILE is one of the newest and most advanced forms of laser vision correction and is only available at select, premier laser vision correction centers. The technique used in ZEISS SMILE is different from other forms of laser vision. There is no flap created to access the cornea tissue like in LASIK, nor is the outer layer of corneal tissue removed like in PRK surgery. Instead, the laser is used to create a lenticule. This is a small, lens-shaped area of tissue located within the cornea. Once the lenticule has been created, an incision is made into the outer layer of the cornea to remove it.

There are some unique benefits associated with this innovative technique. Here’s what you need to know about them:

Reduced risk of complications. Traditional LASIK requires an incision that is around 20mm around, while the incision required to perform ReLEx Smile is around just 3mm. This is around 80% smaller and helps to reduce the risk of complications associated with ZEISS SMILE. In fact, ZEISS SMILE is considered to be the safest form of laser vision correction currently available. And since there is no flap, there is no risk of complications arising from one, which are the most common types of issues that occur in patients who have had LASIK.

Preserved corneal integrity. The smaller incision means that there is less risk to the structural integrity of the cornea, preserving its strength and durability and reducing the risk of damage or problems in the future.

Exceptional accuracy. ZEISS SMILE is performed using a Femtosecond laser, which is the most advanced laser currently used in laser vision correction surgery. This ensures unrivaled precision and accuracy during the procedure.

Superior comfort. Research among patients has found that ZEISS SMILE is considered to be the most comfortable of any form of laser vision correction. The laser process itself takes less than 30 seconds per eye, and patients don’t experience any sound or pressure while the surgery is being performed. It is completely painless. See what our patients say about their ZEISS SMILE experiences!

Less likely to experience dry eyes. Dry eyes are one of the most common complications associated with laser vision correction procedures. This typically occurs when there is a disruption to the production or distribution of tear film, which can be caused by inflammation that follows laser vision correction. Studies show that patients who have ZEISS SMILE experience less disruption to tear film and so are less likely to suffer from dry eyes.

Exceptional visual outcomes. ZEISS SMILE is a wavefront-optimized procedure that is carried out with highly precise calculations and preparation of the refractive lenticule. This helps to ensure predictable, exceptional visual outcomes with every procedure.

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