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As you prepare for a Bladeless LASIK procedure in Roslyn, NY, you should learn what to expect during, after, and even before bladeless LASIK surgery. Understanding what this surgery entails is important. Bladeless LASIK eye surgery is an outpatient procedure that is quick, painless, and effective. This procedure corrects refractive vision errors in a revolutionary manner that is unique. You will heal faster when compared to a traditional LASIK treatment and will require fewer visits to your eye doctor in Roslyn, NY.

The common questions that many patients ask in relation to this procedure is regarding the recovery process. Here are some answers to some of the commonly asked questions:

Is it Normal to Have Redness in the Eyes?

During your recovery period after bladeless LASIK surgery, you may experience redness in your eyes. Experts confirm that it is normal to have red spots on the clear part of your eyes for several days after this procedure. Just as normal bruising, it may take several days for the redness to vanish completely.

Is Slight Pain and Discomfort Normal?

The first four hours after LASIK eye surgery, it is okay to experience mild tearing, burning, and heightened sensitivity to light. The discomfort can be barely noticeable depending on the procedure. Typically, this discomfort should last for two to four hours. In addition, taking preemptive measures before you undergo bladeless LASIK surgery is important. You should plan to:

●   Ask someone to drive you home after the procedure.

●   Sleep for a few hours after the procedure. The initial hours after LASIK surgery are the most important. During this time, the level of discomfort is at its highest. However, this fades away after four hours.

●  Resist the urge to rub your eyes. As much as you have an itch, avoid rubbing your eyes because this might dislodge your corneal flap.

In normal circumstances, you will wake up with minimal discomfort and improved vision within a few hours.

What about Prescription Eye Drops and Artificial Tears?

Before embarking on this surgery, your eye doctor in Roslyn, NY will prescribe eye drops. In your recovery period, you will continue using eye drops for some time. Not only will this prevent inflammation, but it will also act as a preservative-free lubricant to your regimen and avert inflammation. Using eye drops is essential in combating ocular dryness as well as promoting cornea healing. You will use eye drops for many weeks, gradually tapering down.

Follow-Up Eye Doctor Appointments in Roslyn, NY

A day after you get your bladeless LASIK Eye surgery, you will have to visit your eye doctor in Roslyn, NY for a post-op. Your eye doctor will check your vision and verify if your cornea is properly healing. You can discuss any post-op symptoms you may be experiencing as a result of the surgery. If the procedure goes according to plan, you should visit your eye doctor in Roslyn, NY a couple of times in the next 12 months. Your eye doctor will be able to detect any issues affecting your cornea before they become serious.

While Bladeless LASIK surgery has a high success rate, talking to your eye doctor is always the first step to getting the right treatment. It is advisable to express any concerns before undergoing eye surgery. For expert advice on this or any other eye issue, or to schedule your FREE Virtual Consultation you can call us at (212) 759-9617.