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SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) is an innovative new alternative to conventional laser vision correction procedures like LASIK and is considered to be at the forefront of refractive treatments in Edison, NJ, and worldwide. The technique itself involves the creation of a lenticular, which is a small, lens-shaped area of tissue within the cornea. This is then removed to alter the shape of the cornea and to correct the refractive error. There are many benefits to this new technique which include:

●      An enhanced safety profile when compared to other forms of laser vision correction 

●      Fewer risks of complications occurring

●      More comfortable process

●      Faster treatment time

●      Superior accuracy 

●      Faster recovery

Unsurprisingly, the benefits of SMILE along with its reputation for delivering predictable and exceptional results every time mean that this treatment is extremely popular, not only in Edison, NJ but also across the Nation. While the majority of patients are good candidates, it is not necessarily the best option for every patient. Here’s what you need to know about candidacy for SMILE laser vision correction in Edison, NJ. 

Who Makes A Good Candidate For SMILE? Active Patients

While many different types of patients could be considered a good candidates for SMILE, this treatment is particularly good for patients who have active jobs or lifestyles. One of the main reasons for this is because SMILE does not involve the creation of a flap, which as we know is an integral element of the traditional LASIK technique. Flap-related complications are some of the most common issues that can occur following LASIK laser vision correction, and the risk of this happening can be significantly increased if you are very active following your treatment. This is because the flap could become dislodged, wrinkled, torn, or enable debris to get below it. Any of these could lead to considerable issues with the success of your LASIK. Fortunately, by choosing SMILE at the Manhattan LASIK Center in Edison, NJ these issues can be avoided. 

A Stable Prescription

A stable prescription is a key requirement for any patient looking to undergo SMILE. When your candidacy is assessed, you will need to show that your prescription hasn’t changed for at least 12 months, and the longer your prescription has stayed stable, the better. 

Prescription Parameters

Although SMILE is suitable for a wide range of patients, your prescription must fall within certain parameters to be found to be a good candidate for the treatment. Patients should have nearsightedness rated between -1 and -8 diopters with minimal astigmatism (-3.00 diopters). This ensures the greatest success of the procedure. 

Healthy Eyes

Unsurprisingly, one of the main requirements for SMILE, which is also seen in other laser vision correction techniques, is the requirement to have healthy eyes. It is not recommended for patients to undergo the procedure if they are currently experiencing issues with their eye health. Your SMILE doctor in Edison, NJ will be able to give you more information relating to this requirement. 

Who Isn’t A Good Candidate For SMILE?

Some patients will automatically be found to be unsuitable for SMILE including patients who have:

●      an unstable prescription

●      advanced glaucoma

●      a cataract 

●      corneal abnormalities, disease, or abrasions 

●      excessive scarring affecting the eyes

●      uncontrolled diabetes

●      history of eye disease

●      previous eye surgery

Patients who are pregnant or nursing will have to wait until this stage of their life is finished before they can undergo a SMILE procedure. 

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