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Bladeless LASIK in Manhattan, NY has transformed the way in which LASIK laser vision correction can now be performed. Instead of relying on a handheld device called a microkeratome to create the flap needed to access the corneal tissue for reshaping, the incisions can now be made using cutting-edge laser technology.

Here at the Manhattan Lasik Center in Manhattan, NY, we are pleased to offer two different technologies that can both be used to carry out bladeless LASIK.

The ZEISS VisuMax FS 500

The ZEISS VisuMax FS 500 is the most advanced Femtosecond Laser currently available to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.  Some of the key benefits of this treatment include:

–        Outstanding flap-making precision

–        Unrivaled speed

–        Gentle treatment technique

Greater precision and accuracy with lower energy

LASIK treatment in Manhattan, NY is carried out using ablative laser energy which is used to create the flap through which the cornea is reshaped. However, this must be done with extreme care as the tissues of the cornea are extremely delicate. The ZEISS VisuMax is unique in that the surgery can be safely and accurately performed using seven times less energy than other femtosecond lasers. This enables gentler flap creation with no compromise on precision or accuracy. In fact, the flap creation facilitated by the use of the VisuMax is considered superior to other LASIK lasers.

Unrivaled Patient experience

One thing that sets the ZEISS VisuMax FS 500 apart from other LASIK treatments is that it is the only laser to use a curved contact surface which helps to maximize patient comfort. The curved contact glasses are customized to the individual anatomical needs of each patient to ensure the best possible fit and a reduction in any pressure sensation that might otherwise affect the eye during treatment.

Another distinct benefit of the ZEISS VisuMax laser is that the reduced pressure during the procedure enables patients to retain their vision throughout. This is unlike other LASIK treatments whereby the pressure caused by the laser causes patients to lose all vision for up to 30 seconds.  

The IntraLase IFS 150

The IntraLase iFS 150 is a powerful femtosecond laser that is highly successful for LASIK laser vision correction surgery. Some of the key advantages associated with the use of the IntraLase iFS 150 include:

–        A biomechanically superior flap where the integrity of the corneal tissue is maintained far better than other lasers.

–        Flap dimensions are based on individual patient factors, including corneal thickness, steepness, diameter, and pupil position.

–        Faster visual recovery than other forms of LASIK laser vision correction using alternative lasers.

–        Fewer episodes of dry eye following surgery.

Fast flap creation helps enhance patient comfort

The flap itself can be created in approximately 12 seconds, and this enhanced speed helps to ensure that patients receive their treatment as quickly as possible. A faster procedure also means that there is less time with the suction device placed onto the eye, facilitating a more comfortable procedure for the patient.

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