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Do you want LASIK eye surgery? Are you afraid of the procedure for one reason or another? Our surgeons at Manhattan LASIK Center know how scary eye surgery can be, so we do everything possible to relax our patients and ease LASIK eye surgery fear. From soothing waiting areas to temperature-controlled operating rooms and mild sedatives, we strive to make your experience enjoyable and worry-free.

LASIK fear and the facts

  1. Is LASIK painful? You will not feel pain when a qualified and licensed professional performs your vision correction.
  2. Can I go blind? While any surgical treatment comes with risks, over the past decade, no one has lost vision having LASIK.
  3. How can I get over my LASIK fear it costs too much? At MLC, we have CareCredit providing monthly payment options. We take health and flexible spending account funds, provide regular discounts, and offer corporate promotions to give everyone the ability to receive life-changing laser vision corrections with revolutionary equipment and techniques.
  4. What happens if someone blinks during the procedure? Your eye is kept open with a speculum so you cannot blink during the procedure. Our ActiveTrak technology monitors your eyes thousands of times each second. They program the lasers to operate seamlessly with the tracking software. Even if you sneeze, it will not mess up the equipment.

Let Manhattan LASIK Center Get Rid Of Your LASIK Eye Surgery Fear

  • Five top LASIK lasers in one surgical suite
  • Cutting-edge innovations and technologies
  • Superior care
  • 20 years of experience
  • 100,000 successful procedures
  • Monthly payment plans and financial assistance
  • Five-star ratings on Google and Yelp

Let our specialists at Manhattan LASIK Center put your mind at ease. We want you to have a pleasant and rewarding experience when you come to one of our four convenient NJ and NY centers. We book appointments six days a week.


Crush Your LASIK Fears