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5 Lasik Surgery Alternatives – Are They Worth It?

Lasik eye surgery has alternatives that offer people similar results, but Lasik has several benefits. Consumer Reports say that 80 percent of people who underwent Lasik surgery were happy with the procedure. Listed below are the five most common options compared with Lasik.

PRK Versus LASIK Eye Surgery

Photorefractive Keratectomy is where laser vision correction began. Both procedures are carried out in a similar manner. PRK PRO: Excellent for people who are not a candidate for Lasik. PRK CON: slightly more discomfort than Lasik. Lasik PROS: Faster initial healing than PRK. Results are often seen in 24-hours for Lasik versus a week for PRK.

Eyeglasses Or Lasik Surgery

Glasses PRO: Avoid surgery. Eyeglasses CON: The distance from the eye makes prescription glasses less effective than Lasik surgeries. Lasik PROS: Cheaper over the course of 20 to 30 years than the cost of eyeglasses. Lasik eye surgery is permanent in one treatment.

Contacts Are Lasik Eye Surgery

Contacts PRO: Does not change appearance. Contacts CON: Higher risk of infection than Lasik surgery. Lasik PROS: Fast healing time. Cheaper in the long run.

Implanted Contact Lenses (ICL) Or Lasik Surgery

Implant PROS: Permanent results. Implant CON: More risks than Lasik eye surgery. Lasik PROS: Customized results. Less risk of complications.

Lens Replacement

Lens PROS: Great for cataract sufferers. Lens CON: Higher risk of complications than Lasik. Lasik PROS: Smaller incision. Less discomfort.

Lasik alternatives are excellent for those who are not a good candidate for the treatment. Lasik has a low complication rate, and people are happy with their results. The most common response we get from people after their Lasik eye surgery is that they wish they had done Lasik sooner.

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