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Do you want to see if you qualify for LASIK, but you have no idea whether the information you are reading is correct? Do you hear all kinds of stories about LASIK, but do not know who to believe? Manhattan Lasik Center has 20 years of experience helping NJ and NY residents sort out the Lasik surgery myths to find out the truth. 

Lasik is not permanent 

 Truth: In most cases, the procedure does not wear off.

You should wait until 40 to have Lasik

Truth: Lasik is safe for any adult who has stable vision and qualifies for the procedure. 

After Lasik eye surgery you never have to wear eyeglasses again

Truth: Presbyopia and cataracts affect the lens and can cause problems with vision after age 40 and in older age. May Lasik patients achieve the perfect or near-perfect vision. 

You can go blind with Lasik

Truth: The cornea is the only part of the eye that will undergo reshaping during the procedure. Most problems are minimal and easy to correct. 

Lasik is out of my reach financially

 Truth: MLC offers several financing options and payment plans 

Only nearsighted people can have Lasik

 Truth: Lasik treats Myopia 

Lasik is not a well-known procedure

 Truth: Lasik is over 25 years old

Lasik eye surgery hurts

Truth: The surgeon numbs the eye before operation. When you want the right information about Lasik myths and an accurate prediction of your results, it is best to consult the leading and most trusted Lasik center in your area. To schedule your free consultation, call Manhattan Lasik Center at 212-759-9617. We have appointments six days a week at one of our four NJ and NY locations. 


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