Posted by: Manhattan LASIK Center

Do you want the best and newest laser vision correction? Do you want to get 20/20 vision or better? If you have problems with dry eyes, then a new procedure called the ReLEx SMILE treatment is an option you might want to look into soon.

Manhattan LASIK Center is the first provider in the region to offer no flap vision correction

MLC is offering a ground-breaking procedure called ZEISS SMILE to our patients in the NY area. We are the first LASIK center to provide surgery in the Tri-State region. Only a few LASIK providers in the entire country have the technology and surgeons to perform the newest innovation in clear vision. Our office is proud to be the leading LASIK center giving NJ and NY residents better results with fewer instances of dry eye syndrome that is typical after LASIK eye surgery.

Why you should choose the ReLEx SMILE procedure

  • Much smaller incision
  • Less disturbance to the corneal bed
  • Faster healing times
  • Easier recoveries
  • Fewer dry eye problems
  • No flap complications
  • Most people return to normal activities in one day following the procedure
  • Active exercise and work is quicker to get back to after SMILE versus LASIK

Do you think no flap vision correction is a treatment you want to help improve your vision and lifestyle? Manhattan LASIK Center is proud to be a pioneer in the ReLEx SMILE field. Our surgeons continuously train and update each other on new advances, gentler techniques, and highly specialized equipment. We strive to offer our patients the best chance of getting a perfect vision. Your quality of life depends on how well you can see. When you want the chance to get rid of contact lenses and spectacles, then give our office a call at 212-759-9617 to book a free visit.


Photo by Patrick Brinksma on Unsplash