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When you get fed up with your glasses steaming up in the heat, Manhattan Lasik Center is happy to provide you with the information you need to consider Lasik eye surgery. Our Roslyn, NY location is quick to reach from Long Island, and we have evening appointments for those who work late hours. Our primary location in Manhattan is not too much further from you should you need a Saturday appointment.

Benefits of Lasik eye surgery

• Fast recovery times
• A chance to get a perfect or near-perfect vision
• Live a better quality of life
• See clearly at work in the first responder, emergency, and military fields
• Fewer allergy symptoms, eye strain headaches, and eye infections
• The chance to live more spontaneously and freely

Why choose Manhattan Lasik Center for a free Lasik consultation on Long Island?

• 20 years experience
• Five top laser technologies
• Inclusive pricing packages and financing programs with monthly payment options
• Regional leader in Lasik eye surgery
• Rave reviews on social media sites
• Ivy League trained surgeons
• Temperature and humidity controlled rooms
• Locations near Long Island
• Corporate discount programs, annual Lasik specials, and we accept FSA and HSA

When you want to get rid of your glasses and contact lenses to free up your life, make things easier, or see better so that you can work and play better, then call Manhattan Lasik Center. Our free consultation for Long Island residents gives you the chance to see what procedures will help you get the best possible vision. There is no pressure, and you can always get a second opinion.

We want you to see that the MLC experience is unique. We have patients call us from all over the world because we are a leader. Book your free consultation today at 212-759-9617. Related Terms: