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SMILE or Not to SMILE?

The Relex SMILE is becoming a mainstream vision correction in America because it does not require a flap. People that cannot have Lasik because of thin corneas or extreme nearsightedness can usually have the Relex SMILE procedure. The outcome is the same as Lasik and patients often find that they heal much faster because this surgery affects a smaller part of the eye.

Why should you choose Relex SMILE?

At Manhattan Lasik Center, we remove small lenticules or discs of tissue from the eye about two millimeters or so in size when we perform the Relex SMILE treatment. The process is similar to Lasik taking the same amount of time to perform. Patients say that with Relex they are moving around and back to work and driving the day after they have surgery.

Advantages of having the Relex SMILE procedure

  • Fast healing times
  • No flap complications
  • High success rate with a chance of having perfect vision
  • Back to work and driving in 24-hours
  • Very helpful for patients who already have dry eye problems
  • No nerves are cut like in Lasik
  • Maintains the structure of the cornea
  • Painless
  • Does not have an odor a sound
  • Uses a laser not a blade
  • Better for patients in first responder or emergency care positions
  • More suitable for people that play extreme sports or rigorously exercise

Manhattan Lasik Center is proud to be one of the few offices in the entire Northeast region offering the Relex SMILE procedure. We are dedicated to using the most cutting-edge technologies and treatments so that we can give each person the best vision we can. We care about you and how well you can see. Call 212-759-9617 to schedule your free Relex SMILE consultation at any of our four Lasik centers in NJ and NY. Related Terms: