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Our eyes are amazing body parts. Less than 20 percent of the eye is visible. The eye is the most complex body part next to the brain.

Human eye facts

  • You can blink three times in one second – most people blink about 15 times a minute
  • The eye has over two million parts that move with each other
  • Our eyes can discern more green tones than any other color in the rainbow
  • Sunburning your eyes is a real thing
  • Baby’s eyes develop at about two weeks after conception
  • Sight guides our memories
  • An ostrich brain is smaller around than the size of its eye – human eyes are about an inch wide and weigh around an ounce
  • Your eyelashes only last about five months – the combined length of these lashes over a lifetime is nearly 100 feet
  • 80 percent of vision issues have a solution
  • The iris has 250 distinct marks – a fingerprint only has 40
  • The eyes stay the same size through life while other facial parts continue to grow

Caring for your eyes

You need your eyes for life, so taking care of them is an important task we must all do. Using safety protection when working with equipment, small particles, and liquids is always recommended. Getting routine eye checks from your ophthalmologist is also necessary. Having LASIK can be an excellent way to ensure that you have clear vision to see to apprehend criminals or save a life in the middle of the pouring rain and chaos of an accident.

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20 Facts About the Amazing Eye

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