Posted by: Manhattan LASIK Center

Are you ready to begin the New Year in a dramatic fashion? Do you want next year to be the best year yet? New Year LASIK offers from Manhattan LASIK Center can give you a clearer start to the rest of your life.

Why you want to take advantage of New Year LASIK offers

  • LASIK for $2,999 for both eyes
  • A fabulous look without glasses messing up your style
  • Quicker reactions in emergencies
  • Faster visual clarity upon waking
  • More fun times like jumping in a pool whenever you want
  • The freedom to run without your glasses falling off and getting broke
  • Fewer monthly contact lens charges
  • Less cost overall versus contacts and eyeglasses over a lifetime

How Manhattan LASIK Center can improve your life

We include your prescriptions, pre and post-operative visits, and the surgery in our costs. When you come into our office, you will get exceptional customer service and an MLC experience that shows why we are the LASIK leader in the region. Our New Year LASIK offers to give you access to five revolutionary machines, a state-of-the-art surgical center, and experience from performing 100,000 successful procedures. 20 years in this industry allows us to provide all our patients with an affordable option for getting clarity when you want your New Year to be just that, new.

Let MLC show you around our revolutionary center in a virtual tour of our Manhattan office. Instead of pushing your glasses up your nose for another year and spending hundreds on designer frames and contacts in the New Year, let MLC give you a new lease on life. We pioneered the ReLEx SMILE procedure in NY, and our clients give us rave reviews on social media. Take advantage of our New Year LASIK offers before they are gone.


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