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The Pros and Cons of LASIK Eye Surgery at Manhattan LASIK Center

Everyone has heard of LASIK surgery, but most people do not know what it entails. LASIK eye surgery has benefits and disadvantages just like any type of medical procedure. Below read the Pros and Cons of Lasik Eye Surgery; see if you think Lasik will benefit you!

Advantages of LASIK

  1. Better vision: Some patients realize an improvement in their vision immediately after surgery, but most results are seen within 12 to 18 hours after surgery. Our patients continue having an improved vision for several months until healing is complete. It takes three to twelve months for the full effects of surgery to be realized.
  2. No corrective lenses: the overwhelming majority of patients will not have to wear eyeglasses or contacts after having had the LASIK procedure. This helps improve the self-esteem of the patient. At the same time, it can also alleviate some allergy symptoms and headaches for people who have trouble with glasses and contact lenses. The procedure can also reduce the chance of eye infections that occur from wearing contact lenses.
  3. Fast healing: Lasik surgery is easy to heal from because the surgeon only creates a flap into the side of the cornea instead of removing the top layer of tissue like the PRK procedure. Discomfort is minimal after surgery.

Disadvantages of Lasik

  1. Temporary problems with night vision: Some people may experience halos, fuzziness, and sensitivity to bright lights for a period of time after the surgery. These issues subside within three months, but in rare instances, they can continue longer. This is not a permanent complication and will go away with time as the eye heals.
  2. Bruising on the eye: Sometimes the white of the eye gets temporary bruised from the suction that is applied to the eye during the LASIK procedure. Typically the red spots will go away after a week. In some cases, they can take as much as a month to disappear.
  3. Dry eyes: Dryness after LASIK surgery is very common, but it will not last. The dryness may go away in as little as a week or it could last as long as one year. Patients that have problems with dryness can contact their LASIK surgeon for eye drops that will help.

As with any procedure, LASIK eye surgery pros and cons are a regular part of the process. After the surgery, post-operative care is extremely important. Make sure you are using the eye drops the surgeon prescribes. If you are interested in LASIK surgery, speak to one of our expert LASIK physicians to see if LASIK surgery will be beneficial for you!