What Is the Criteria to be a Good Lasik Eye Surgery Candidate?

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What Is the Criteria to be a Good Lasik Eye Surgery Candidate?

Lasik surgery is an effective and beneficial procedure for millions of people each year. Some individuals are better candidates for other types of eye surgeries. How do you know where you fit? Our skilled surgeons at Manhattan Lasik Center have listed the things they look for most in a suitable Lasik candidate below.

Lasik eye surgery requirements

• Stable eye prescription for at least two years

• Generally good health

• Proper corneal topography

• Average pupil size and cornea thickness

• Must be an adult

• You are not pregnant or breastfeeding

Factors that Lasik eye surgery

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, other things directly impact whether a person should consider Lasik surgery. These include physical and mental traits. Only a qualified Lasik eye surgeon and you can make the wisest choice for your unique situation, which might include:

• Who can afford the payment plans or cost

• Whether you are a risk taker or not

• You career allows you to have Lasik eye surgery

• Prior laser vision correction

Lasik surgery is a successful treatment option for people looking to gain freedom from glasses and contacts. As with any surgical procedure, there are risks, but Lasik eye surgery has a 96 percent satisfaction rate according to Web MD. Choosing to have Lasik is a decision that our experts suggest comes after doing thorough research and consulting your local Lasik expert for eye measurements and a consultation. Our talented surgeons at Manhattan Lasik Center are proud to help you consider your solutions and help you decide whether you make a suitable candidate for Lasik.