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By now you should know how safe and predictable LASIK New Jersey is since Manhattan LASIK Center is the premier leader in the region. Our surgical center is one of the few in the entire country offering a new procedure called the ZEISS SMILE treatment. This advanced procedure offers many benefits versus LASIK because it is less invasive. We are proud to be in an elite group that provides cutting-edge technologies and treatments that give our patients better eyesight and a higher quality of life.

ReLEx SMILE solutions versus nearsightedness correction with LASIK 

In LASIK, making a 20-millimeter incision is necessary to access the cornea and perform the fix. With the SMILE procedure, a four to six-millimeter incision is all the femtosecond laser needs to create.  With LASIK, the correction takes two lasers to do the same job that the one laser can do in SMILE surgery. The incision in the SMILE treatment is not as disruptive to the nerves in the eye because it does not penetrate as far into the cornea.

Why choose our LASIK New Jersey providers

  • One of the leading providers of nearsightedness correction with LASIK, ZEISS SMILE, PRK, EpiLASEK, and other vision treatments
  • Cornell and Harvard training and teaching
  • Over 100,000 successful treatments
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Manhattan LASIK Center surgeons have decades of experience to help you decide which treatment will benefit you the most. If you want to discover what clearer vision you can get, please call our office at 212-759-9617. We book appointments six days a week and have four convenient locations for LASIK New Jersey and New York.